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Our therapy is holistic therapy. So the aim is not only the relief of indivisual symptoms such as headaches,arthritis or neuralgia,but also fortifing vital energy and rebuilding the physical constitution.Through this process,all these individual symptoms are naturally relieved,along with blood pressure and body weight abnormalities,ailments due to aging,etc.

In our therapy,taking the pulse as part of a unique examination system called, "inspection,listening,questioning, palpation" allows for a unified interpretation of the entirety of a patient’s symptoms.A diagnostic reading called,"akasi" determines the course of the holistic treatment to follow. In other words, in East Asian medicine there are no surgical, internal or ophthalmology divisions, just one complete system to treat the humen being as a whole.

But, as the saying goes,"Action speaks louder than works." No matter how much you hear,or think you about a type of therapy,the therapy is only worthwhile if it really works. So before doing anything else, we recommend you come in and try it for yourself. The needles we use are as thin as hair. You don’t have to worry aout the pain. Our therapy will bring on relaxation and pleasant feelings when it takes effect. "Seeing is believing." so please don’t hesitate to come in sometime and see for yourself.