Treatment Advice


Before treatment

・Please come to our clinic about 10 minutes before your appointment.

・Please go to the restroom beforehand, so that you can receive your treatment in comfort.

During treatment

・Acupuncture is a treatment from head to foot.

・Please talk about all the symptoms that you are worried about.

( At the beginning of your treatment, if possible )

・Please do not hesitate to mention any of the following things.

・Feeling too hot ( or cold )

・Dazzling light

・A painful posture or movement

・When you want to go to the restroom

・When you don’t need a pillow, a chestpillow, or a footpillow.

・Please ask the staff at any time when you notice any problems.

Even if the staff is not by your side, they will be just outside the curtain. They will soon attend to it.

・We think your treatment will be less effective if you are not comfortable.

After treatment

・The point where a needle is removed can often feel heavy. Please let us know. We will solve the feeling by using a simple technique.

・You will feel thirsty after treatment. This means your body needs water for the metabolism that was activated by the treatment.

We have drinking water in the waiting room, please help yourself.

・Even though the treatment is over, changes in your body will continue. Please spend time immediately after your treatment calmly, so as the benefits
can continue.

・Just after treatment, please do not drink any alcohol, exercise, or take a sauna bath.

Because the benefits of the treatment will decrease or not work.

・It is better to spend time calmly listening to changes in your body. Changes that happen in your body and heart after the treatment can be important

information at the next treatment. Please let us know about various changes and things you noticed about yourself.

・Although intense symptoms can often be reduced by a one time treatment, it is important to keep on receiving treatment patiently in thecase of chronic symptoms.

・Generally it is better to start with one or two time treatments per week. Please come to our clinic according to the doctor’s instruction.

In our clinic

・Please be sure to switch off your cellular phone.( Please go to the corridor when you use it. )

・Smoking is not allowed at any time.

・Thank you for your cooperation so that everyone can receive treatment comfortably.

A receipt

・Consultation fee for acupuncture can be the object of a "medical cost deduction".

We can give a receipt when requested. Many people ask for a yearly receipt at the time of their report.

That is a good way not to lose your receipt. We are happy to mail you a receipt.

The insurance

・Our treatment is applicable to car insurance after a traffic accident.